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Great White Sharks Sightings In California



California's Central Coast continues to see it's share of Great White Shark sightings. More White Sharks are seen in Avila, Morro Bay and Pismo Beach California following a fatal White Shark attack at Avila Beach in August of 2004....more


California Sighting 09/29/2007
White Shark Sighting at Montana De Oro Park.
California Alert 09/29/2007
Shark Alert: A surfer recently reported an eight-foot sea lion with a chunk missing from its mid-section north of Cambria. Read More
Shark Alert 09/13/2007
two Sea Lions in recent weeks that were hauled off the beach (alive) with shark bites in Morro Bay. Be sure to exercise caution when surfing in the area.
California Attack 08/28/2007
Shark puts Monterey Bay surfer in hospital a 24-year-old victim, a graduate of MITTY, in fair condition; WARNINGS ARE POSTED Read the Full Article
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